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Mujka Cliparts Affiliation program

 Choose from over 1000 unique products, bundles, and commercial licenses

to recommend to your customers, followers or friends! 


20% Commission on each referral purchase.

Simple Affiliate Dashboard to track orders, referrals, commissions and more

Get paid each month's 1 st day via PAYPAL

Affiliate-only promo codes

Recurring Commissions from every sale 365 days


Join Mujka Affiliate program and EARN money.


If you are maker, crafter or small business owner using Mujka graphics,

best way to reach potential buyers is showing off what you made with it;

especially in Facebook groups that allow posting links.

To create buzz, post the image of the product from our website or your

creation along with your link and make sure to engage in that post to

appeal to a larger audience.

Easily create different referral links for different products, homepage or

just use your exclusive link from your dashboard. 

Share your special AFFILIATE LINK with your followers on Social Media.

Use our pre-made marketing images for brand recognition.



Sublimation, HTV, Printable Vinyl, T-shirt and merchandise groups
Buy and sell marketplace groups for handmade products.
Scrapbook, paper crafts blogs & groups
Party organizers, decorators, invitation and stationary designer groups
Planner groups, digital and planner sticker marketplaces
Cookie and baking groups, cookie cutter sellers
Digitized embroidery groups
Props for Kids parties, cutouts, Cutting Machine groups
In your own group and Social Media
** Mujka does not accept any liability on 3rd party affiliation links activity in any
of the groups, that do not allow links, affiliates or similar promotional activities
and cause your removal from groups or any other social media channels.
Please make sure, you follow the rules and regulations of blogs, groups and
other social media before posting such links.
Please read our terms of Use and privacy policy at the Affiliation SIGN UP page.
Affiliation links cannot be shared on MUJKA FACEBOOK GROUP.

Join Mujka Affiliate program and EARN money.